Event Rules

Event Expectations:

All games will start on schedule or as soon as the previous game is finished. If a team is late to play, the clock will be started and that is the point where we will begin play. After 15 minutes, the game is a forfeit.

Club teams can switch players only with the approval by the opponents’ coaching staff.

Some age brackets may be combined based on team registrations or level of play.

Sportsmanship is expected from coaches, players, and fans. All technical, including intentional fouls, will result in 2 points and the ball. Games may be ended early when needed.

Each team is to provide one scorekeeper and/or clock keeper.

Trainers are not provided. Only ice will be available so please bring a first aid kit.

Awards for division winners for both Shootouts and Championship play.

Coaches please visit registration to receive your schedule and to sign-in. Each team will have 3 free admissions for its teams’ staff. Spectator admission fee is $7 for adults and $3 for seniors and children ages 6-14.

Game Rules (All High School Federation Rules except for the following):

Eighteen minute halves, stop clock the last first minute of the first half and last two minutes of the second half. The clock does not stop in the 2nd half when team is losing by 20 or more points.

Overtime is 2 minutes with 1 timeout per team. The second overtime is sudden death.

All defenses are allowed, including zone & full court press. No press after 15 points 3 rd – 6th grade, and 20 points for 7th – 8th grades and no limit for high school teams.

All technical, including intentional fouls, will result in 2 points and the ball.

3 timeouts per game and one timeout per overtime (30 seconds each).

A (28.5) ball will be used for all girl’s games and in the 2nd thru 5th grade boy’s (AAU rules). For 6th grade boys, a 28.5” ball may be used if both coaches agree.

All schedules can be found on Tourney Machine. Tournament apps are available Through Tourney Machine to track scores and schedules.