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Play 3 games in one day.  Live stats are provided to each team and will be online.  14 min stop clock halves with shot clock.  Each team will get at least one game with shot clock should registration exceed courts with one.  We will try not to exceed that registration.

Scheduling of games will be in time blocks.  Team rosters need to be provided one week before the event.

Division MVPs will be recognized.  Play and track the players progress.  Team rosters are needed 3 days in advance of the event.

http://www.chicagostatsleague.com/  (using statsleague to keep track of stats)

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Countdown Sunday Shootout

Event Date 2018-05-06
Two Day Event No
Locations Carthage College
Admission $7 and $3
Games 3
Award Division winners will receive individual awards. Good luck to all participants!